About Us


 Biltmore originally started as a general contractor in the private sector throughout New York City. After much success doing so, we began bidding on public works projects for various agencies and continue to build a portfolio with successful projects and satisfied clients. Biltmore General Contractors' team is staffed with several decades of combined construction management experience. Our vision has always been to provide exceptional construction services in a socially responsible manner. We strive to maintain excellent quality work. 


 We have diverse experience in various Public Works projects. Our client list includes such agencies as the New York City Department of Education, School Construction Authority of New York, Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, the Department of Design and Construction, Health and Hospitals Corp, and the New York City Housing Authority. Our team of expert in-house project managers, estimators and tradesmen ensures any project's success. Biltmore has an extensive subcontractor list that we work with which includes, MBE/WBE Certified Subcontractors and both Union and Non-Union companies. 



Currrently, Biltmore has been awarded with over $30,000,000 worth of Job Order Contracts (JOC) with agencies such as, The Department of Education, and The New York City School Construction Authority. We also have requirements contracts with The Department of Education, aswell as The Health and Hospitals Corporation, with completed values of $15,000,000. Over the past two years, Biltmore has completed JOC, Requirements and Capital Improvemants projects valued at over $50,000,000.

Biltmore General Contractors is always looking ahead to the future and making sure that every project meets the goals of our clients. We are always looking for new qualified subcontractors both large and small to join our team.